Welcome to RCIT

The RCIT Information Technology Office provides IT services to the Rutgers Camden administrative offices, faculty and students. We offer a wide range of services including file and print sharing, web design, technology consulting, computer repair and maintenance.

We bring our users secure access to information, everywhere from offices to classrooms. We provide high quality support services that enable students, faculty, and staff to excel in their work environment. We have standards, policies, and systems that protect Rutgers’ information assets, and we find and develop technologies to benefit the University. RCIT is responding to the University's need for a cost-effective way to have information technology services, and for anywhere-anytime access for new services and support.

RCIT's mission is to provide high-quality computing technology and to help members of the University community by having excellent customer-focused support services. The Department of IT works with members of the University community to make their use of computing and data technologies easier. In addition, the department is committed to providing a secure communications infrastructure. IT staff facilitate the use of information technology to make an environment that helps develop the use of technology to strengthen academic and personal growth. We provide a single point of contact for all of your IT needs and eliminate the complexity and confusion of navigating IT.  We also strive to provide excellent customer service and innovative IT solutions.

If you need technology assistance, please contact us using our helpdesk system by clicking on the Submit a Ticket link on the upper right side of this webpage.  You can also call us at 856-225-2343 or regular email at support@camden.rutgers.edu.