Classroom Technology

RCIT maintains support for enhanced classrooms and meeting rooms.  These enhancements include video projectors, multimedia control panels, playback of VHS/DVD, and Apple TV capabilities.  Some classrooms also include Blu-Ray players and have instructor PC's.  At the instructor's discretion, classes may be video recorded, and available online via the corresponding course website.

Camden Computing Services also maintains a number of enhanced classrooms.  You can obtain more information about their services at:

RCIT-Supported Enhanced Classrooms

The following classrooms are enhanced with instructor PC, DVD/VCR, Apple TV, and additional laptop connection to a classroom projector:

Law School East
Classrooms E108, E110, E112
Moot Courtroom E107, Jury Room (E107a)
Seminar Room E404

Law School West
Classrooms 103, 105, 106, 204, 206, 207
Seminar Room 210.

* Instructions are posted in each room on how to log in and utilize this equipment.  If you have any difficulty, or if there are any questions- please contact our Help Desk.

RCIT-Supported Enhanced Meeting/Study Rooms

Rutger-Camden Information Technology also supports  enhanced meeting rooms. Students can project iOS devices to cable-ready televisions in each room.   Additionally, push-button video recording can be used for classroom exercises,  based on prior room reservation.  For more information regarding scheduled recordings, please contact our Help Desk, or submit a ticket.

Law School West
Rooms 208, 208a, 208b, 216, 401, 501