Access Network Shares - WebDrive

The recommended method for accessing your files from home is by using WebDrive. This application integrates FTP,FTPS,WebDAV, and SFTP services into the Desktop by making the server connection appear as a network drive.  WebDrive can be downloaded from Rutgers University Software Portal (http://software.rutgers.edu). On the top right of the page (after you log in) you will see a search box.  Please perform a search for "WebDrive," and download the appropriate installation package (for Macintosh or Windows).  
NOTE:  You will need administrative privileges to install this application.  If you do not have administrative access to your machine, please contact our Help Desk for assistance.
Download WebDrive from the Rutgers Software Portal
1. When you open the program after installation, you want to create a "New" connection.
WebDrive New Connection
2. A dialog box will appear, asking you to select the type of Server you will be connecting to.  Select "Secure WebDAV" and click "Next"
Select the type of Server you will connect to...
3. To access files on the U:\ drive, please enter the following:
     To access files on the H:\ drive, please enter the following:
    (Please fill in your own username and appropriate password)
WebDrive Site Connection Wizard
You have the option to "Save Password" - by default, this option is checked.
Once you have entered your username and password, click on the "Test Connection" button.  You should receive notice that the connection was successful.
Site Connection Test
 If you cannot connect, please verify your login credentials.  Contact our Help Desk for further assistance.
Choose "Close" if the connection was successful.  Back at the Account Information dialog box - choose "Next" 
4. You will be notified that the Site is now ready for use.  You can give this connection a name.  For instance, "Rutgers Network Share."
Site Connection Ready for Use
You will have an option to "Connect at login/startup" - by default, this option is NOT selected. If you select this option - it will be available any time you are logged into the computer, and have an active network connection.  It will be mapped as a Network Drive that you designated ("U:\")
Click the button for "Connect Now" - your settings will be saved, and a window will open, displaying the contents of your network share.
5. You can now close the webddrive program window
WebDrive Display Properties